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I’ve been a journalist for 12 years and have published in USA Today, the Guardian, NBCNews.com, Huffington Post Latino Voices, Latino Rebels. I have an MFA in creative writing.

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The Times (Shreveport, La.)

Dress up affordable ramen noodles with a few easy tricks

But I was an adult now; don't they make ramen noodles for adults?...

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The Times (Shreveport, La.)

Louisiana College plans Christian law school for Shreveport

Initially intended for a central Louisiana home, the Judge Paul Pressler School of Law would be the state's first outside Baton Rouge and New Orleans....

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The Times (Shreveport, La.)

Should there be a National Super Bowl Day?

It's our right as Americans to petition the government for things we want. It's in our Constitution....

The Times (Shreveport, La.)

Img 1306 article
The Times (Shreveport, La.)

Caddo spent 34K on travel

After an open records request, the school board had lots of explaining to do when they spent 34K for travel. That's after they cut it for everyone else.

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The Times (Shreveport, La.)

Grambling's Tiger Marching Band makes ESPN magazine voting contest

If you could create your own fantasy halftime show, any pairing any artists at all, who would you pick? What would it sound like?...